I have quit SiS. I have not decide where I will go.
Maybe go to AMD or back to game industry.
If you have any good chance, welcome to contact me.

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kenedi 提到...

I know you get out of Sis do with this you can release some driver 3d
but new and without committing to the Sis? Thanks and Good new ride!

goblinz 提到...

Good luck with your new career plans.

Is there any way you can help the Linux community with the SiS 3d driver? The community is crying out for this driver and don't seem to be getting much from SiS which is very poor considering that there is a driver in existence.

If you can't release the driver then please could you give us a contact email for somebody at SiS who is able to help now you have left the company. I'm sure that this will put an end to you being asked about this driver for years to come.


Paolo Rovelli 提到...

Thanks for having supported Linux users for all these years... thank you so much!

Good luck!

匿名 提到...

If you have free time, send me a SiS driver for Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits(if prefer for Linux Mint 17 Qiana 64 Bits).

my e-mail is:


Please, help me!